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About Us

Firelink Media is a performance marketing company that was founded by industry experts with over 10 years of experience in online marketing in highly competitive markets. We aim to satisfy the demand for quality leads for all online products and services providers across the globe.

We have our own special sauce of proprietary tools that help us automate all of our daily operational and marketing routines. When you combine that with slick business processes, you have a company that’s able to handle year-to-year market growth.

Firelink Media works mainly in the fields of SEO and marketing acquisition through partner networks. We attract users from various online sources and help direct them to leading operators and products via CPA or revenue sharing models.

We currently own more than 5,000 websites spanning all across the global GEO. Our websites serve highly diverse audiences with high-quality content.

Our team of over 50 employees help support this operation with in-house search engine optimization platforms, website publishing tools, and a strong partner/customer-oriented business process.

Our Strategy

We build our future success with:

  • A strong core team & reliable partners;
  • Our proprietary technology stack;
  • SEO and Acquisition with Partner Collaboration;
  • Constant analysis or market changes;
  • A diverse portfolio of websites.
New Technology

Our team of wizards help make our work easier by providing creative tools that harness new ideas and technology specifically aimed for marketing use. With tailor-made software created in-house for Search Engine Optimization professionals and marketing teams, we are starting to even have a bit of fun!


Our applications are used all over the world. The main focus of our company now is business development in the following regions:

  • Nordic Europe;
  • Western Europe;
  • Eastern Europe;
  • Northern America;
  • The Middle East.

Our ever expanding network of connections and partnerships will help your business open and thrive in new markets. Our team of analysts will be glad to help you build a strategy that makes sense for your needs, taking into account current trends as well as predicting future trends.

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